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Drinks at Falernum

We are very particular about our drinks at Falernum. Wine in particular is our great passion when we spoil our guests - both at lunch and in the evening.


All our wines come from our partner and wine importer Husted Vin, which focuses on sustainability, value for money and cool labels. In collaboration with them, we have created our wine bible, which forms the cornerstone of our philosophy of good wine for good food. We would like to challenge our guests and do away with usual wine experiences, so please ask and be ready to be pleasantly surprised! 

We have both a glass list, as well as a full wine list with delicious ones and exciting wines from all over the world. We have conventional wine as well as a large selection of natural wine, orange wine and organic wines - In short; something for everyone.

If you fall in love with the wine by the glass, find them on 

Cocktails Falernum.png

Book your table for a wonderful experience at Falernum and let us do the rest. 

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